Monday, 30 August 2010

Would You Like To Win This Trike

1st September2010

Would You Like to Win This Trike

The above machine, which is now painted Metalic Black, was designed and built
entirely by me, the present owner in 1996.
The frame is made of 316 Stainless Steel, The Engine is a 1985 Honda
Shadow 1100 cc it has only done 17,000 miles from new ,
and has been in a storage container, since I got ill in 2003!.
I am now retired and because of my health, I can no longer ride.
I am considering offering the trike in a competition, to run for three months?
If anyone would like to Win this trike, please express your interest by emailing me,

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the tickets should cost around £10 each depending on the interest? I will ship
the trike to the winner anywhere in the world.
If there is enough interest I will take new photos as these do not
do justice to the Trike, there have been a few additions since these photos
were taken ie: Matching spotlight indicators, new
LED display for indicators, neutral light, headlights etc.
The trike won best engineering at the Rock & blues in 1997,
the only category I entered it into. If there is enough interest I will post
a comprehensive description of the bike, with sizes measurements and specifications.
I am not looking for questions about the bike at the moment I am just trying to
gauge the level of interest???. By all means make a comment on the blog.

But "BEWARE" owning this machine comes with the Knowledge that everywhere you go on it you will attract the crowds guaranteed!!

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